Franco Strocchi

Elenco pubblicazioni


Elements of Quantum Mechanics of infinite systems, International School for Advanced Studies, Lectures Series No. 3, World Scientific 1985


Selected topics on the General Properties of Quantum Field Theory, World Scientific 1993


Symmetry Breaking, Springer 2005,  second edition 2008


An introduction to the Mathematical Structure of Quantum Mechanics, Advanced Series in Mathematical Physics, World Scientific 2008, second edition 2010


An introduction to Non Perturbative Foundations of Quantum Field Theory, International Series of Monographs  on Physics, Oxford University Press, 2013,  second printing 2016


Gauge Invariance and Weyl-polymer Quantization, Springer 2016


A primer of Analytical Mechanics, Springer 2018


Symmetry Breaking in the Standard Model. A non-perturbative outlook, Edizioni della Scuola Normale 2019



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